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Brewing Instructions

Brewing at home is an art which comes with practice. Wine is an integral part of our food. Most of us enjoy drinking beer. Making anything at home is something which we all love and enjoy. Making beer at home is utterly enjoyable and worth drinking every last sip. If you are planning to have guests at home or if it’s the holiday season or it can just be a dinner party you can always make homemade beer to surprise your guests.

To make the beer, you will need a brewing kit. The package includes a stoneware crock, some jugs, airlocks with rubber stoppers and tubes, a funnel and a strainer with a fine mesh. You might want to get new bottles of wine, or you can wash the old bottles, and it is also advisable to get new corks. Depending on the amount of wine you are going to make you will need the wine bottles.


Once you have got all the kits required for making beer at home, the following are the instructions you need to follow to make beer at home:

  • Read reviews.
  • Gather the supplies and ingredients needed.
  • Clean the equipment.
  • Boiling water.
  • Malt extract.
  • Adding Hops.
  • Equipment cleaning.
  • Chill wort.
  • Yeast addition.
  • Fermenting process.
  • Beer transferring.
  • Storing.

Read reviews:

Always read various reviews before starting to brew. The more knowledge you have, the better will make the beer. Brewing a good beer always takes practice and experience. So try to read as much as reviews as possible before you start making your beer.

Gather the supplies and ingredients needed:

Ensuring that you have all the equipment and the supplies needed is very important. Some of the equipment needed are Gallon Pot, Plastic gallon Buckets, Fermentation Buckets, Airlock, Stopper, Nylon Bags, Racking cane, Food Sanitizer, Hydrometer, Hydrometer Jar, Beverage line, and Bottles.

Clean the equipment:

Use unscented cleaning material for cleaning the kit. Cleaning is essential as microorganisms can spoil the entire procedure.

Boiling water:

The next step is to heat about one gallon of water in a boiling pot.

Malt extract:

After boiling the water, you need to remove the water from the heat and add the malt extract in the boiled water. Now, still well the mixture in such a way that the malt extract does not get collected in at the base. You need to continue to stir until the malt gets completely dissolved. Once the malt is dissolved, continue to boil.

Adding Hops:

Add bittering hop to the boiling mixture.

Chill wort:

After boiling, you need to cool down the mixture and fill it in a sanitized fermenter.

Yeast Adding:

When the temperature of the wort has come down, you need to add a pinch of yeast.

Fermenting Process.

The first thing you need to do is to seal the container in which you are going to ferment. Shake the fermenter well and store the container in a cool place. After storing the fermenter, you need to monitor the fermenter continuously.

Transferring the beer and storing:

Transfer the beer into beer bottles and store it for a week and enjoy your beer.

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