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Falling in Love with Italian Vineyards

Considered as some of the oldest and most historic wine-producing nations in the world, Italy takes the definitely takes the number one spot in the world when it comes to their fine wine. With some of the oldest vineyards and second in its production against France, if you fancy the culture and romance behind Italian wine, then you should definitely consider visiting some of the world’s best vineyards.

Being one of the biggest wine exporters, you’ll be in for a treat for sure. Oh, and don’t forget the hand gestures when you do take a sip of that marvellous glass of wine. Saluti.

With each region in Italy having its own trademark and distinct flavours, when it comes to wine, the most popular vineyards also host some of the best wine tours in the country and on that note, there is a lot to choose from.


Short and sweet as the name, a variety of Vietti wines are some of the most popular wine sold in Barolo. These wines are produced in Castiglione Faletto which are vineyards in Barolo, Italy. If you’re a traveller, visiting this vineyard makes for a wonderful outing in Italy. One can spend the entire day at the winery, view the estate’s finest wines and enjoy a tasting as well. Be sure to make an appointment before visiting though.

Ca’del Bosco Winery

Considered a favourite and located in the wonderful region of Erbusco, Franciacorta, this popular winery was established in the 60’s and exude the very best of Italian wine. When it comes to quality and luxury, a bottle of Ca’del Bosco is a must when visiting Italy. The winery is also surrounded by some of the most beautiful trees, vineyards and green landscapes, this vineyard is a must for all.


Massimago Winery

As one of the most famous vineyards in Italy and located in Valpolicella at Mezzane di Sotto Verona, this wine company is described in a rather gentle and feminine manner. Run by a woman named Camilla Rossi and a driven team, they have created a more than fresh approach when it comes to wine. You can spend the day at their glorious vineyards and enjoy a picnic under the trees, arrange for a meeting to be held, as well as special events. Whatever the occasion might be, they’ll assist you with the entire process. For a taste of innovation and a rather welcoming environment, be sure to visit one of the best vineyards in all of Italy.

Barone di Villagrande

Situated in Sicily, of course, we had to add this stunning vineyard to the list. Dating back to 1727, you’re in for something different This wine farm is known as one of the most well-known in Italy and its many fine wines are credited to its perfectly sun-dried grapes which are also referred to the creation of ‘passito’ wine. Be sure to visit this historic gem during your stay in Italy for the most matured wine of all.


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