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Home Brewing Starter Kit

Making beer is an art that needs to be mastered to make the perfect beer. Homemade wine can impress your guest. Homemade wines are very much appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. If you are planning to have guests at home or if it’s the holiday season or it can just be a dinner party you can always make homemade wine to surprise your guests.

Many people consume beer along with meals and in most countries. Beer is a drink which gets consumed worldwide. Making anything at home is something which we all love and enjoy. Making beer at home is only enjoyable and worth drinking every last sip. Winemaking is a very long and intensive process.

To make the beer, you will need a brewing kit. The package includes a stoneware crock, some jugs, airlocks with rubber stoppers and tubes, a funnel and a strainer with a fine mesh. You might want to get new bottles of wine, or you can wash the old bottles, and it is also advisable to get new corks. Depending on the amount of wine you are going to make you will need the wine bottles.

Brewing Starter Kit

The following are some of the homebrewing starter kits you will need to make wine at home:

  • Gallon Pot.
  • Plastic gallon Buckets.
  • Fermentation Buckets.
  • Airlock.
  • Stopper.
  • Nylon Bags.
  • Racking cane.
  • Food Sanitizer.
  • Hydrometer and hydrometer Jar.
  • A thermometer.
  • Beverage line.
  • Bottles.

Now let’s take a closer look at who these kits get used, and its average cost.

Gallon Pot:

The gallon containers used for mixing the fruit and the boiled sugar. The containers are also used to store water and saving. The Gallon Pot costs about thirty dollars.

Plastic gallon Buckets:

The Plastic gallon Buckets get used for Sanitizing and bottling. The Plastic gallon Buckets has a spigot attached to it and costs about thirteen dollars.

Fermentation Buckets:

The Fermentation Buckets has a hole in its lid which gets drilled for an airlock. You need a Fermentation Buckets which holds about six gallons.


The Airlock cost about three dollars and used in keeping the wine in an air locked condition.


The stopper also serves a similar function as the airlock and cost about three dollars.

Nylon Bags:

The plastic bags get used for adding hops in the boil. The Nylon Bags cost about twelve dollars.

Racking cane:

The Racking case gets used for siphoning the alcohol out of the kettle or the fermenter. The rocking canes cost about ten dollars. You also get an auto siphon which helps you to siphon better in a cleaner way.

Food Sanitizer:

Acid based or iodine based food grade sanitizer which costs about ten dollars is needed.

Beverage line:

The Beverage line gets used in transferring the alcohol into filling bottles.


You might need lots of bottles to fill in the beverage you have made. Depending on the gallons of alcohol you have done, buy the bottles accordingly.


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