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How to Make Heavenly Homemade Wine

Wine is an integral part of our food. Most of us enjoy drinking wine. Making anything at home is something which we all love and enjoy. Making wine at home is utterly enjoyable and worth drinking every last sip. Winemaking is a very long and intensive process. Homemade wines are very much appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. If you are planning to have guests at home or if it’s the holiday season or it can just be a dinner party you can always make homemade wine to surprise your guests.

The first process in making wine involves the choosing of fruits with which you want to make the wine and the type of wine you are going to make. Strongly flavored berries like blackberries, strawberries give a good taste. Wines made from apple and plum, give a sweeter taste and are more buttery than the other wines made from berries.

The next step is to boil sugar and the frozen fruit which kills all the bacteria and other boiled flavors in the wine. Decide upon the water to sugar, ratio. The yeast which you add to the sugar will ferment with the sugar, and the alcohol gets formed. You must make sure that the yeast is added in the correct amount so that it mixes with the sugar and creates the alcohol. Otherwise, the wine will become sweeter.

Homemade Wine

The following are the topics you will be reading about heavenly homemade wine:

  • Homemade wine Kit.
  • The Wine Recipe.

Homemade wine Kit:

To make the wine, you will need a brewing kit. The package includes a stoneware crock, some jugs, airlocks with rubber stoppers and tubes, a funnel and a strainer with a fine mesh. You might want to get new bottles of wine, or you can wash the old bottles, and it is also advisable to get new corks. Depending on the amount of wine you are going to make you will need the wine bottles.

 The Wine Recipe:

To make fruit wine of one gallon at home, the following are the ingredients you will need:

  • Four pounds of Frozen Fruit.
  • A gallon of water to add to the mixture.
  • Two pounds of Organic sugar.
  • One teaspoon of yeast.
  • One pack of wine yeast.

Directions to make the wine:

Step 1: Freeze the choice of fruit at least for three days before you start the process.

Step 2: Boil the water and add the sugar and pour the boiling water over the frozen fruit crock.

Step 3: Mix the sugar water and the frozen fruit. After mixing the sugar water and the fruit cover it with a cloth or a plate so that no-fly or any other insect comes and sits on the mixture.

Step 4: The following day mash the mixture with your hands and put the yeast in the mix.

Step 5: Cover the mix with a cloth and filter the mixture in a wine bottle. Keep stirring the mix now and then.

Step 6: Place the bottles in sunlight for a month and do not disturb the wine. Then filter out the yeast and the fruit and enjoy your wine.

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