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How to make wine?

Wine makes a great accompaniment to any food, and it also brings out a spark in every situation. If you happen to be a wine lover, we are pretty sure that you would have dreamed about how to make wine in your home. Fortunately, winemaking is not as hard as it sounds. With the right amount of ingredients and tools, you can make your own wine at home. All you need is to follow certain instructions, and you will have your own homemade wine.

Ingredients needed:

To make wine, you will need about 3800ml of crushed grapes, 450 ml of honey, yeast and water. You can either use grapes, or you can even use berries. Some of the other equipment you will need are cork, strainer, thin plastic tubes for siphoning, wine bottles, glass jar containers and Campden tablet (to kill harmful bacteria and germs).

Picking your fruit:

Picking the fruit with which you want to make wine with is one of the first things you need to do. It is better if you go for organic fruits as they will be free of any chemicals. You can also try to pick the fruits by yourself if you happen to grow them in your garden so that you will be able to pick some of the best quality fruit. Once you have picked the fruit, you need to clean the fruit and rinse it thoroughly nicely.


Crushing the fruit and adding honey:

The next step is to crush the fruit until you get about 4 cm of juice in the container. You can either use a potato masher or any other substance to mash the fruit. Honey is the ingredient that brings the sweetness to the wine. So if you want your wine to be sweet, you need to add more honey. Depending on the sugar content of the fruit you have picked you can mix the honey accordingly.


Fermenting the wine:

Once the honey is mixed, you need to add yeast and allow the mixture to ferment. Place a cork over the container and leave it in a warm location where the mixture can ferment. Make sure that you are not keeping the container in a cool place as your wine will not ferment. Try to place it in your kitchen so that it is warm.

Leave the mixture for about three to four days, and you will be able to see bubbles on the top, as this is happening you can know that the fermentation is happening.

Bottling the wine:

After the fermentation process, move the wine into clean wine bottles and cork them tightly. Make sure that you are doing this process in a clean environment as you don’t want bacteria or other germs to enter and spoil your wine. If you want to retain the red colour of the wine, try using darker coloured bottles to store the wine.

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