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The Top New York City Wine Tasting & Winery Tour

Wine tasting is very ancient and considered as art just like the preparation of wine. The wine tasters are professionals who taste the wine and check the quality of the wine. These professional wine tasters check the quality of the wine by tasting the wine or by smelling the wine and also by seeing the look of the wine. Wine is an important part of our food. There are about four stages in wine tasting; the first one is the appearance of the wine in the glass, then the second one is the aroma of the wine, thirdly the sensation of the wine in the mouth and finally the aftertaste of the wine. The properties which get checked in a wine by the wine taster are complexity, character, suitability for drinking, the potential of the wine and what are all the possible faults.

Winery Tour

New York is one of the best places for tourists to visit; the city is colorful and filled with people from all over the world. It is the city of nightlife and fun. If you happen to go for a vacation in New York and if you are a wine lover then the following are some of the top wine tasting tours in the New York City:

  • Long Island Wine Tour from Manhattan
  • Delaware River Kayak, Manhattan
  • New York Sailboat Cruise.

Long Island Wine Tour from Manhattan:

The Long Island Wine Tour from Manhattan is one of the top attractions for wine tasting. The tour includes a Manhattan Long Island wine trip, tasting wine from three different vineyards, a picnic lunch in the afternoon and transport from Manhattan. You can sample 13 wine samples from three different vineyards and an antipasti platter to share with bread or cheese. The tour starts at 9 am in the morning and ends at 6.30pm in the evening.

Delaware River Kayak, Manhattan:

The Delaware River Kayak and Wine Day Trip from Manhattan includes an exciting Kayak trip in the Delaware River. The tour includes a lunch picnic, and you get to choose between a single or a double kayak. There are about five different places you can taste the wines. The tour also covers a round trip transportation from New York to Manhattan, and you get a personal guide who assists you and guides you through the entire tour.

New York Sailboat Cruise with Wine Cheese and Charcuterie:

New York Sailboat Cruise is one of the best wine tasting tours which gives you a sailing adventure while tasting wine. The tourist attractions like Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, Brooklyn Heights get covered in this tour. You get to taste the samples of top wines both red and white and nibble on the local cheese. Some of the wines served are very old and the best in the country. This tour is perfect for you to relax on the water while you enjoy tasting the wine.

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